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    Chakra Collection ®

    1 – I Am, Root Chakra Blend
    2 – I feel, Sacral Chakra Blend
    3 – I believe, Solar Plexus Blend
    4 – I love, Heart Chakra Blend
    5 – I Speak, Throat Chakra Blend
    6 – I see, Third Eye Blend
    7 – Awaken, Crown Chakra Blend

    Bla Chakra Collection ® with Healing Power

    Used properly, natural essential oils can stimulate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves in a seemingly way. Not only can they be used for support when experiencing anxiety, doubt, depression, or fear, they can be used for supporting assertiveness, creativity and confidence. Bla Concept ® essential oils are nature’s pharmacopeia, able to support the mind and body in all of its aspects, a fabulous gift to us all. Revitalize your mind, body and spirit with this all-natural aromatherapy blend to regulate and realign all seven of your chakras. All of Bla Concept ® essential oils are carefully crafted to create a unique blend that speaks directly to each chakra, to create a balance between all of them.



    Whether it’s above the soil (plants) or below (stones/crystals), healing potential exists all around us. I’m passionate about working with these natural gifts and combining their powers for our inner balance and benefit. I choose organic and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, and every product is created with love, and charged with healing energy! Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and color. The Chakra Centers of the body each have a purpose and vital role. They help regulate all emotions, the immune system and all the organs. Having a Balanced System is a key foundation to a healthy, happy life. Balanced Chakras allow the flow of vital and sustainable Life force Energy.



    I intuitively created the special synergy recipes for the blends corresponding to the vibration of each Chakra. All Blends are made to order, with love, care and intentions of Healing the Chakra System. All Blends are Energy Infused. Each of my custom-blended aromatherapy products gives a healing and balancing boost with both plant and crystal energies. I’ve formulated them with only 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and use the highest quality amber glass bottles. The chakra blends come in 10ml dram of concentrate. Essential oils are a holistic alternative to modern medicine, with benefits that have been recorded for more than 5,000 across cultures that include India, Egypt, China, Greece and Europe.



    Add 3-5 drops to Bla Pillow, and than put Pillow on selected Body Center.

    Do not consume or apply to the skin.



    Gemstone Infused Fractionated Coconut or Argan Oil, proprietary blend of 100% therapeutic grade organic essential oils, Universal Love & Light. Each Bla blend contains mini crystal.



    They should not be used as a substitute for the care or advice given by a licensed doctor or health care provider. Results may vary from person to person and I recommend that you consult with your qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medications. Not suitable for children under age 12 or animals. Avoid during pregnancy. Not for internal use. Store away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. Use all essential oils safely.