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    Archangels Collection ®

    Archangel Uriel
    Archangel Raphael
    Archangel Chamuel
    Archangel Michael
    Archangel Gabriel
    Archangel Zadkiel
    Archangel Jophiel

    Bla Archangels Collection ® with Healing Power of Gemstones

    Bla Archangel Collection ® was created to connect you with your helpers and protectors in the Archangels Realm. You can call your personal Archangel when you need some Heavenly assistance. Whatever your belief, it is easy to assume that Bla Archangels Collection ® could help to cleanse that energy, and help new and positive energies to continue to flow through the stone, mineral and metal. The gemstones and semi precious stones used in Bla Archangels Collection ® are genuine natural gemstones or semi precious stones, which come from mineral, certain rocks and organic materials. Healing stones used in Bla Archangels Collection ® are not medication or drugs but have been used all over the world for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. All Bla Concept ® Products are made with intention, positivity, love, devotion and compassion. Wearing Necklace and Bracelet in the same time, will help the wearer to balance body, mind and spirit. When purchased, this Bla Archangel Collection ® Bracelet/ or Necklace will be cleansed to enhance the natural properties of the gemstones and charged with intention to bring harmony and happiness to your specific life. Call one of Seven Archangels for yourself and someone else.



    You are now the owner of a genuine handcrafted Bla Archangels Collection ® product. The gemstones and stainless steel are delicate materials, which must be handled with special care in accordance with the following care advice in order to avoid damages to the product, which Bla Concept ® may not be held liable for. To ensure that your Bla Archangels Collection ® Bracelet/ or and Necklace remains in beautiful condition over time, please observe the following: store your bracelets and necklaces in the original soft packaging to avoid scratching; please remove bracelets or necklaces before washing hands, swimming or applying body care products such as perfume, soaps and lotions; put on bracelets or necklaces last when dressing and take off first when undressing; avoid contact with salted water; avoid hard contact which could cause scratches, chips and other damage.