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Good fortune


/ Inspiration, Success, Life Purpose, Happiness

Citrine is a gemstone that enhances mental clarity, confidence, & willpower. Since the stone brings self-confidence, as well as positive energy, it can also help eliminate fears. Drink a Citrine Water Bottle if you want energies of good fortune & good luck. Since its connected to the Solar Plexus, it is of great help in finding one’s life’s purpose through a deeper connection to our authentic self.

As health authorities normally recommend drinking two litres of water a day, why not infuse yours with a healing boost of Citrine?



Bla Crystal Bottle is easy to clean & dishwasher safe. Bottle glass is taste neutral, non-porous & won’t leach harmful toxins. The twin chamber design also prevents harmful toxins leaching from your crystals into your drinking water. Not suitable for boiling temperatures.


Dimensions & capacity:

65 x 230 mm (550 ml)


Bottle design:

  • Elegant glass cylinder design
  • Borosilicate glass & metal lid
  • Wide easy-sip top opening
  • Sealed base = zero leakage
  • Discrete drinking chamber
  • Discrete chamber for crystals
  • Neoprene sleeve to protect your Bla Bottle (for the gym, traveling, outdoor activities or just to throw in the bag)


Please note:

Our crystals are natural and each stone may vary slightly in colour, shape & size. Wash crystals & bottle thoroughly before use.


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