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/ Love, Balance, Emotional Freedom, Self-confidence

Jade is the stone of Love – the unconditional kind, independent of circumstance, time or space. It opens up the Heart Chakra allowing its healing energy to diffuse throughout our entire body. Especially good for unsolved emotional contractions and hurts that have closed us off, such as anger, stress or fear. Jade is known as a protective stone that can help heal & purify your aura, boost self-confidence & support the energetic flow. It helps to release the body from such tensions & freeing up space for that which is fresh, healing & inspires the heart.

As health authorities normally recommend drinking two litres of water a day, why not infuse yours with a healing boost of Jade?



Bla Crystal Bottle is easy to clean & dishwasher safe. Bottle glass is taste neutral, non-porous & won’t leach harmful toxins. The twin chamber design also prevents harmful toxins leaching from your crystals into your drinking water. Not suitable for boiling temperatures.


Dimensions & capacity:

65 x 230 mm (550 ml)


Bottle design:

  • Elegant glass cylinder design
  • Borosilicate glass & metal lid
  • Wide easy-sip top opening
  • Sealed base = zero leakage
  • Discrete drinking chamber
  • Discrete chamber for crystals
  • Neoprene sleeve to protect your Bla Bottle (for the gym, traveling, outdoor activities or just to throw in the bag)


Please note:

Our crystals are natural and each stone may vary slightly in colour, shape & size. Wash crystals & bottle thoroughly before use.


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