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    Bla Red String ®


    A symbol of good fortune. The red string of fate.


    Bla Red String ® A symbol of good fortune

    It connects those who are destined to meet — regardless of time, place or circumstances. Bla Red String ® bracelet is traditionally worn to attract prosperity & success for the one who wears it. A symbol of good fortune serves as a spiritual shield from negative energy. The bold red color is also associated with compassion.



    The thread may stretch, uncord or tangle, but it will never break. You influence its significance and what makes the experience of wearing or gifting it special. Utilizing the strength of your thoughts and intentions is what truly makes Bla Red String ® bracelets so powerful.

    Every Bla Red String ® is made-to-order, specifically for You and has only Yours energy. Have someone you care, love & trust, to tie the Bla Red String ® closely to your left wrist with a three simple knots. It protects you from negative energy & releases positive energy.


    Material: 100% high quality natural cotton string
    Dimensions: one size *adjustable; fits to adult & children
    Packaging: delivered in a Bla Red String ® package
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