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1 The Root Chakra – Coral


I am

survival & sense of security, life & instinct

fear less  |  love more


Body part:

legs, spine, adrenal glands, rectum, bones, feet



Brings good fortune, prolongs life and protects against negative energy. Helps to cope with bad thoughts and uplifting. ‘The Stone of Travelers’, is able to protect the person who went on a long journey, from a natural disaster, to prevent a storm and save the life of its owner. It has the ability to protect people from evil eye and enemies, brings good luck and keeps comfort in the house. Coral has a positive influence on the emotional state of man, develops intuition and enhances logical thinking, holds memories of the sea, so it helps to navigate one through the transformational emotional waters of life, becoming the emotional foundation.


Every Bla Concept ® Chakra bracelet is made-to-order, specifically for You and has only Yours energy.

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