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1 The Root Chakra – Onyx


I am

survival & sense of security, life & instinct

fear less  |  love more


Body part:

legs, spine, adrenal glands, rectum, bones, feet



Provides strength and support in times of physical and mental stress. It helps you to stand in your power, to access your destiny, to see the lessons you need to learn and to tap into your best self. It balances the yin and yang in the body and absorbs from the Universe healing energies you need. ‘The Stone of Leaders and Commanders’, strengthens the power of the spirit, makes its possessor invincible and brings good luck, because of its good mood and activity, that can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It can be used to heal physical memories of its wearer, past injuries and traumas by helping to find the patience and concentration to solve any problems.


Every Bla Concept ® Chakra bracelet is made-to-order, specifically for You and has only Yours energy.

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