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    Bla Concept ® is a product design studio with energy boost. Products that you will find here are designed to be different and unique. Bla is not for men or for women, it is for those who want to live differently. My everyday rituals are full of deep spiritual, artistic & alchemic meaning. I work with crystals and gemstones and create products in five dimensions and four elements.


    My mission is to improve Bla Ambassador’s lifestyle and well-being. Personalised products are tailored for you. They help you to bring yourself in balance and become more successful in interaction with the world. It helps you to improve your vitality, decision making and relationships. The products will stimulate your qi and enable you to radiate positive energy and vibrations which will be reflected on your body posture, sight and sparkles in your eyes as well as aura that you create. The idea is to relax and allow yourself to experience the most beautiful and liberating feelings.


    Somewhere along the way I learned that self-awarness and self-compassion is the way to absolute happiness. If you are present and aware of yourself than you can do anything and go anywhere you wish. I design specially selected products for home, office and your body. With Bla Concept ® products, you will feel more liberated, spirited, fulfilled, attractive and happier.


    I create products that liberate and stimulate Your qi and put all four pillars of your body in a holistic balance – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. Since 2012, every Bla Concept ® product is hand made. There is always an element of uniqueness to each piece, which you cannot get with mass-produced design details. As the art director, designer, owner and energy practitioner of Bla Concept ® brand, every single product of Bla healing design is made solely by myself in my Bla Concept ® studio. I run the process from the initiation phase to shipping and I am tailoring it to your demands and wishes. The key is that we work closely together in this journey and that you are actively involved in the process.

    I hope You’ll find something you love for You or Your loved ones!

    Have a Bla Day!